Train, treat, repeat.

We believe that rest and recovery are as important as the training itself.


Our Values


Blessed is focused on the science behind cannabis and how it can help anyone overcome pain more effectively. Whether an athlete or someone struggling with chronic pain, Blessed products are made with rigor, accuracy and precision with quality being at the forefront.



Spirituality is the undercurrent of the Blessed. Symbols like the unalome tell the Blessed brand’s origin story. Using Blessed products has brought the founder closer to reaching her goals and finding that path to enlightenment – how can it help you on your journey?



Of course, the reason why Blessed exists is a story of wellness. Recovery, rest, and mindfulness are all delivered in a range of  products that are organic, healthier than the alternatives and for people who wish to treat their bodies as temples.


Our Responsibility

Cannabis Education in Canada

Just around the corner is a new dawn for Canada and cannabis products. We are entering a very exciting moment in cannabis goods and services where education and transparency are super critical. How many people know how to take edibles safely? How many horror stories have you heard about people taking too many edibles? We've heard it all. But at  Blessed we aim to be leaders in reliability and consistency.


Safer packaging for Canadians

Our product is honest, made with care and most importantly, clearly labeled, marked and packaged in an effort to help new cannabis users in making safe choices. We take great pride in making sure people know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Our dosage suggestions are well-researched and tested. That's why Blessed™ family keep coming back. Consistency and quality. The proof is in the product.  


No more stigma

You may have already noticed that we aren't another typical cannabis culture brand. We love and respect everyone from all walks of life especially those in our close and loving community. You don't have to be a certain kind of person to use cannabis products – they can be enjoyed responsibly by anyone. Blessed™ is a modern brand with a modern outlook on cannabis. 


Healthy ingredients for healthier Canadians

We love our bodies and we love yours too. That's why we at Blessed™ have really focused on using only the highest quality ingredients to strike that perfect taste/health ratio. Not only are our products delicious, they are effective, measured and nutritious. Just read our ingredients.



Know your limits. Know the law.

Please consume responsibly.



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